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What We Do

Myanmar Business Consultants are a network of Myanmar experts that specialize in bringing together Western and foreign businesses with early and emerging enterprises in Myanmar. Our core activity is to facilitate foreign business investment in Myanmar.

We have a database of businesses in Myanmar at varying stages of development some embryonic while others advanced that require the expertise of foreign companies. We envision a greater return for the foreign investor by coming in at an early stage.

We encourage foreign businesses with expertise in mining, refining, energy, agriculture and construction to talk to us on how we can help your business enter the nascent Myanmar market. There is a need for resources, both natural and human, to be skillfully managed.

What We Offer

We have contacts in Myanmar and overseas with specialist knowledge in Myanmar policy and law to broker deals for foreign investment. We negotiate on your behalf and overcome all the barriers to business may they be legal, bureaucratic, cultural or language barriers.

We are also in close contact with the Trade and Industry section of various Myanmar embassies in Europe which advise us on government policy and how to go about making business happen in Myanmar with the existing policy framework.